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Atlanta, GA

I accidentally locked myself out of my house on a Friday evening.  A kind neighbor called Top At Locksmith  LLC they were able to respond within a few hours.  The technician was professional and proficient and had the door open within a matter of minutes. Thanks  for saving  me

Lincoln Leo
Buckhead, GA

I lost my keys while going on a run. I called Top Atlanta Locksmith LLC and the tech was fast, efficient, and professional. Oh and reasonably priced. I scoured the web for quotes and they were the lowest in price.

Ian Eric
Mar 27 2019

Home Invasion Checklist

If you want to protect your home from burglars then there is a checklist of actions you must take to achieve a much better result. You should consider installing sliding windows or install window stops and make use of door pins to prevent jamming your door from the exterior. If you need to repair or upgrade your door lock please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith

One step that must be included in your checklist is the installation of a peephole or wide-angle door viewers. Make sure you replace exterior doors that are not made from stronger options such as metal or solid core wood. 

Other Questions You Must Answer on Your Home Invasion checklist

Do your exterior doors have durable security locks? Your door must have at least a deadbolt with an inch throw. Are the garage doors secured? Make use of slide locks on your garage doors or invest in securing mechanisms that will lock your garage door to its door tracks. Make sure all bushes within and near your home, are trimmed, especially those around the window and door region. 

Are the areas within your home well-lit? Dark spots are usually very inviting for burglars to invade your home. You can contact Top Atlanta Locksmith to install automatic lights that will turn on in the night when the sensor detects motion. Automatic lights are essential most especially when you are traveling on vacation. They make it seems you are still around. 

Avoid hiding your house keys outside of your home, most especially under rocks, and mailboxes. Burglars normally check all these places when they can’t gain access through the door lock. You may want to install keypad locks or electric locks by consulting with Top Atlanta Locksmith. There are some smart locks you can remotely control anywhere you are just in case you need to give someone access into your home.

Other Steps to Take in Your Checklist

Have you installed a security alarm system? You need to consider a video camera option with remote web access from anywhere. Make sure the surveillance video covers every area inside and outside of the home.  If there is a neighborhood watch program, you may want to inform the members of your intention to travel for a while, and probably leave your house keys with a trusted member of the watch. 

Make sure you install deadbolt locks that will require a key to access on each side. These deadbolt locks are very useful for your bedroom. One of the benefits of installing a deadbolt lock that requires a key on both sides is that the lock must be opened from within if you are inside- It is very useful when there is a dangerous home invasion while you are at home. 

Top Atlanta Locksmith Offers Reliable Repairs and Upgrade

If there is any component of your home security system that remains vulnerable to invasion, you should contact professional technicians from Top Atlanta Locksmith for repairs, installation, and replacements. You can rely on us for the installation of modern security systems to protect your home. Give us a call today!