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Atlanta, GA

I accidentally locked myself out of my house on a Friday evening.  A kind neighbor called Top At Locksmith  LLC they were able to respond within a few hours.  The technician was professional and proficient and had the door open within a matter of minutes. Thanks  for saving  me

Lincoln Leo
Buckhead, GA

I lost my keys while going on a run. I called Top Atlanta Locksmith LLC and the tech was fast, efficient, and professional. Oh and reasonably priced. I scoured the web for quotes and they were the lowest in price.

Ian Eric
Feb 22 2017

Insured Locksmith in Atlanta

No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road calling just any locksmith that pops up on their smartphone. An urgent situation may cause you to hire someone who isn’t experienced, is unethical or who will take advantage of your emergency and charge a high fee. That’s why the best time to begin your locksmith search is before an emergency occurs. Store their information in your phone, address book and other convenient locations in case you need help. If you’re taking the proactive approach, and are ready to start looking for a quality, professional locksmith near you, start with these tips. 

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Sometimes the best way to find great service providers is through old fashioned word of mouth. Ask around to see if anyone has recently hired a locksmith that they were happy with. You may also discover someone who had a negative experience, which will help you eliminate some unsuitable companies.

Visit Their Website 

Most legitimate locksmith businesses will have a website. Find their URL and visit their online space to see what kind of services they offer and to get a feel for the way they conduct themselves. For instance, if you are looking for a locksmith who can help your business, you’ll want to know whether they offer commercial locksmith services. They may also have more in depth customer testimonials that will give you more insight into their quality of service.  Locksmith Atlanta

Make a Few Phone Calls

Next, you’ll want to call each company and speak one on one. Have a list of questions handy so you’re prepared to make the most valuable use of your time. If they have difficulty answering your questions it could be a red flag. If they don’t pick up the phone at all, especially after repeated attempts, then you probably can’t rely on them during a crisis. Be sure to also ask about their fees and find out if they will be upfront with their costs. 

Are They Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

During your conversations, you’ll want to ask about their credentials. Is their staff professionally trained and licensed? Are they bonded? Does the company have insurance in case an employee damages your property while on a service call? Be sure that you’re well protected and that the company you choose hires qualified technicians. 

Check Local Review Sites

Your next step can be to search local review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. This will give you some general feedback. Keep in mind that some of these reviews may be biased or even false. Also, results can be skewed as people are likely to post a bad review when upset, rather than publish a positive review when their satisfied. Still, this is a good option to begin narrowing down your possibilities. 

Are You Searching for a Reliable Locksmith in the Atlanta, Georgia Area?

If you’re in need of a dependable local locksmith in Atlanta, Georgia or a nearby community, call Top Atlanta Locksmith today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to take your call and discuss all your lock and key needs. We can also schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experienced locksmiths.