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Atlanta, GA

I accidentally locked myself out of my house on a Friday evening.  A kind neighbor called Top At Locksmith  LLC they were able to respond within a few hours.  The technician was professional and proficient and had the door open within a matter of minutes. Thanks  for saving  me

Lincoln Leo
Buckhead, GA

I lost my keys while going on a run. I called Top Atlanta Locksmith LLC and the tech was fast, efficient, and professional. Oh and reasonably priced. I scoured the web for quotes and they were the lowest in price.

Ian Eric
Dec 08 2017

Advantages of Mortise Locks 

Unfortunately, most building contractors only install minimum standard locks on the doors of residential and commercial buildings. In today’s world, it’s never been easier for a criminal to get their hands on lock picking tools, bump keys and free online tutorials. Upgrading your locks is a great way to deter thieves and help protect your loved ones and your valuable assets. Mortise locks were once the most widely used form of locks but have since been replaced by cylinder locks that are quick and easy to install. However, many people still enjoy having mortise locks for entry doors, and for good reason. At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we help home and business owners in Atlanta, Roswell, Sandy Springs and other metro area communities protect their property by installing and maintaining their locks. We want to help you do the same. Here are just a few of the many reasons why people choose Mortise locks over other varieties, and why it might benefit you as well. 

Extremely Durable and Resistant Against Tampering

One of the most distinguishable features of the Mortise lock is the way it is deeply set inside the door. The thick rectangular piece of metal makes it much more difficult to break loose. This means that any criminals who are fond of using brute force to take out your door knobs, will not have an easy time getting into your property. When combined with a high security pick resistant cylinder, you will significantly reduce the chances of a successful break in. Most burglars prefer an easy target, where they can be in and out quickly without detection. Most thieves will realize that you’re prepared, and will gladly move on to another home or office space down the street. 

Dual Locking Capabilities  

Another great feature of Mortise locks is their ability to lock from both sides. This means you can have the door unlocked from the inside for convenience, while still preventing intruders from accessing your private space. It’s for this reason that Mortise style locks are frequently used in commercial settings. 

Great for a Variety of Style Preferences

Older models of mortise locks looked relatively similar. Now, modern day improvements have created a wide range of styles. Many people install Mortise locks in their home or office specifically because they enjoy the classic, antique aesthetics. However, there are many sleek and sophisticated options available in the marketplace as well. 

Are You Interested in a Mortise Lock Installation in Atlanta, Georgia? Call Top Atlanta Locksmith 

If it’s time for you to make the switch and upgrade your locks with a Mortise lock installation in Atlanta, GA, call the experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith. Our team of industry professionals have many years of experience installation, repairing and replacing a variety of residential and commercial locks including Mortise style models. We also provide many other reliable locksmith services such as rekeying, key duplication, lock repair, lockout assistance and more. Contact our office to find out more information about our mobile locksmith services or to schedule an appointment with a professional locksmith near you.