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Atlanta, GA

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Lincoln Leo
Buckhead, GA

I lost my keys while going on a run. I called Top Atlanta Locksmith LLC and the tech was fast, efficient, and professional. Oh and reasonably priced. I scoured the web for quotes and they were the lowest in price.

Ian Eric
Jul 23 2022

Safety Tips for Realtors

It is the dream of many to become realtors. After all, we all have the impression they make quick money and their job description is not stressful.

But do you know that realtors are lone workers? And their job could be risky? If you are up-to-date with the happenings in the real estate sector, you will be aware of the tragic death of Arkansas agent Beverly Carter.

That incident is proof that amateur and professional realtors could be raped, assaulted, or murdered in the line of duty. That is why all potential and experienced realtors must understand the risk inherent in their profession.

To help you avoid getting into the wrong hands, here are some safety rules and principles to follow.

Holding Open Houses

It is more profitable to close a real estate deal alone. Profit accrued may alleviate your status and you will feel really good.

However, holding an open house alone is dangerous. You may never know the intentions of everyone present. So we advise you invite another agent or have your close pals around.

Ensure all Business Activities are in the Daytime

Every realtor wants to close a deal. Some don’t mind having late-night appointments. You may never know who is monitoring your activities or the intentions of your said ‘client’.

Go with one or two people if that appointment must happen at night. Also, make the appointment official so others in your team would know your whereabouts.

Handle Keys Carefully

As a realtor, you will handle all kinds of keys for numerous buildings. Sometimes, you may have a tight schedule and consider handing out some keys to close friends or colleagues.

Stop indulging in such practices because you are risking the security of the building and your career. Try to make your schedules flexible so you can attend to all client demands

Take a Self-Defense Class

Lone workers are prone to attacks. You cannot allow someone to manhandle you or take you for a ride! You have to respond in self-defense. As part of self-defense, we also recommend you carry a weapon. A handgun, pepper spray, mace, or knife could be your savior in a dangerous situation.

However, carrying a firearm requires a lot of practice. Life-threatening attacks happen within a twinkling of an eye so you have to be fast and effective with your weapon.

You Could Get Robbed or Your Car Stolen!

Real estate agents are easy targets for criminals. Yes, as you juggle many clients, you could get set up, robbed and your car stolen. Above, we advised you take a self-defense class because you could be physically attacked by your clients!

To play safely in this open market full of risks, ask your clients to come with their cars or ensure you go for suspicious appointments with a companion. When parking, place your car in a busy area where you could see pedestrians. This way, you could attract people's attention when being attacked.


Appraisal manipulations, overpricing, unfulfilled promises by sellers and more could attract lawsuits. The emotional components involved in real estate transactions could make clients file lawsuits against you. It is usually stressful, expensive, and degrades your reputation in the industry.

Ensure that every aspect of the transaction is itemized and that the documentation is according to the provisions of the law. For more safety tips as you proceed in your realtors' journey, contact the experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith.