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Atlanta, GA

I accidentally locked myself out of my house on a Friday evening.  A kind neighbor called Top At Locksmith  LLC they were able to respond within a few hours.  The technician was professional and proficient and had the door open within a matter of minutes. Thanks  for saving  me

Lincoln Leo
Buckhead, GA

I lost my keys while going on a run. I called Top Atlanta Locksmith LLC and the tech was fast, efficient, and professional. Oh and reasonably priced. I scoured the web for quotes and they were the lowest in price.

Ian Eric
Aug 14 2018

What You Need to Know About Car Ignition Switch Issues

Your car’s ignition switch system is one of the most complicated parts that ensure the smooth operation of your car. The ignition switch which is usually located inside the column of the steering wheel is designed to trigger engine cycle and drive your car in forward or reverse direction. There are numerous ignition switch problems that can hinder the smooth running of your car and it important that you are aware of this. For a comprehensive explanation and repair of ignition switch systems, please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith.

Ignition fails to turn despite inserting key

In this case, you should try jiggling the car steering wheel, back and forth, it is possible that the steering wheel is binding as a result of one of the front wheels being turned at an angle against the curb. This can affect the steering linkage that is needed to bind the ignition switch and the column lock. You may also use a non-conductive lubricant like aerosol to clean the switch but never make use of a penetrating oil that can short the electrical contacts inside the switch.

When the key is broken inside the ignition switch

You need to get a professional locksmith to extract a broken key inside the ignition, and depending on the damage, a new key may be made by the locksmith. A recommendable locksmith that can handle broken key inside ignition, is Top Atlanta Locksmith. In some instances, you may need a new lock cylinder and if your car relies on a smart key, then you will need a newly programmed key for the car. Programmable keys require the expertise of the top locksmith operators such as Top Atlanta Locksmith.

Worn-out wafers or jammed up the ignition switch

All ignition switch does come with special wafers designed for their corresponding keys. The wafer parts will eventually wear out after a while, especially with the accumulation of dirt and grime that will cause the parts to worn out. Sometimes, a simple cleaning of the wafer may resolve the issue, instead of outright replacement. 

Worn out or wrong keys

Keys are also prone to wear and tear just like other parts of the car, this makes the key to be less effective and eventually stop working. You may need to test your spare key to see if the issue will be resolved. If this solves the problem then the key is the problem, and if it doesn’t, it is definitely the ignition switch causing the problem. You may contact Top Atlanta Locksmith to replace the keys or ignition switch to fix the problem. 

Other problems that can be resolved by Top Atlanta Locksmith

A transponder key that fails to communicate with the PCM may mean that the internal computer chip has malfunctioned – this can be fixed by Top Atlanta Locksmith. Also, a key that fails to come out of the ignition after the engine is turned off may be caused by the binding inside the steering lock column may require joggling the steering wheel back and forth until a click is felt in the locked position.

Top Atlanta Locksmith has professionals who are capable of fixing all manners of car ignition switch issues. Contact us today and we will be right there to help you out.